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Parking Information

For most of our studies, participants will be asked to park in the Presbyterian Hospital Parking Garage or and walk to our lab area. Participants can also take city buses to our locations. Most studies will compensate for busing and can provide bus passes in advance as needed. Most of our studies take place in the Loeffler Building at 121 Meyran. PLEASE CONFIRM THE TIME, LOCATION, AND TRANSPORTATION INSTRUCTIONS for your visit, as different studies and visits will have different locations.

Compensation Information

All UPMC and Pitt studies use the WePay system for compensation. Participants will be given a WePay card which can be used for any Pitt or UPMC study they participate in. Please be aware that WePay cards expire after about two years. If you loose your WePay card or want to know the amount on your card, please contact one of the studies you participated in. For full details on the WePay system and how it works, please see this brochure and this document


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