BRAINY Study Information

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh are conducting a research study to better understand how changes in puberty influence brain function and emotional health.

This research study does not involve any medications or treatments.



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To qualify for this study, your child must:

  • Be female aged 10-12
  • Be male aged 11-13
  • Have no non-removable metal in their body (dental fillings are OK)
  • Not be taking psychiatric or steroid medication

Participation in this study will involve:

  • A few visits to the University of Pittsburgh over 2 years
  • Interviews / questionnaires about moods and behaviors
  • MRI scan
  • Completing a speech task
  • Providing hormone specimens (e.g., hair and saliva samples)

Compensation will be provided.

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Parking Information

For most of our sessions, participants will be asked to park in the Presbyterian Hospital Parking Garage and walk to our lab area. Participants can also take city buses to our locations. All participants will be compensated for parking garage fees and/or bus fares. Most of our sessions take place in the Loeffler Building at 121 Meyran Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15213.

Please confirm the time, location, and transportation instructions prior to your visit, as different visits may have different locations.